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Are you ready for the backcountry?

Kootenay Avalanche Courses will teach you everything you need to know, whether you’re a backcountry beginner or experienced mountaineer. Approach your backcountry skiing adventures with safety and confidence through our expert avalanche education programs.

Kootenay Avalanche Courses AST1
Experience of a lifetime, honestly. The venue blew my mind. The chance to ski here with your instruction and the opportunity to interact with a group was the real thing.

Half Dome in a Day

P1: Should I bring my long underwear bottoms?  It feels cool right now at 3:45 a.m.  I’m wearing the long underwear under my pants, but I know I’ll likely warm up as soon as I start ascending the fixed line which goes to the top of Pitch 1 (P1). I decide to take the long […]

BC’s Backcountry Ski Touring Lodges

Many people come up to me and ask, “What is your favourite backcountry ski touring lodge?” That is a difficult question to answer. I like different lodges for different reasons. In this article, I will try to explain what I like about each of the lodges. If I went into depth, the article would be […]

POWDER CREEK AST2+ January 21-28, 2017

Eight students took the AST2+ at Powder Creek in January.  We had some interesting avalanche conditions that made route finding important.  Below are some pictures and comments from students: The new course format is absolutely the BEST thing you could have done to improve the course! I absolutely loved having the opportunity to self guide […]


I rediscovered some of the awesome outdoor opportunities in Idaho this past summer with separate trips bookending both sides of the summer.  Early summer saw us rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon.  We had a solid group, 12 in all.  This trip helped inspire my recent foray into songwriting, “hot springs and whitewater rapids, […]

3% of all course fees go to the following organizations:

  • Protect Our Winters
  • Save Our Snow
  • Clean Air Task Force

A big shout-out to our partners!

  • Mount Carlyle Back Country Lodge
  • Big Red Cats
  • Valkyr Adventures
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